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  1. Madam
    your posts are impressive, am always referring your post for any clarification in my blogging journey,
    thank you very much,

  2. wow i just happened to stumble on your blog and i absolutely love it. Such great content and a different take on things. Thank you I just started creating my blog and your site will be most helpful.

  3. Hey, I just wanted to say that your blog is awesome and your posts are honestly super useful! The one little problem there is, is that there are quite a few typing errors (like “Second to a having killer title” and ” blogger get confused” in this article) 🙂 But anyway it’s refreshing to read articles that are so well written!

    1. Hi Nina, I am so pleased you are enjoying reading my blog. I am sorry you found a few small typing errors. Believe it or not, I do proof my blog posts at least twice before publishing, but unfortunately I experience that thing we all suffer from to some extent… my brain automatically reads what it expects to be ther,e not what is actually there! I try and get round that by reading my posts aloud, but sometimes even that is not enough. Anyway, thank you for being so kind as to point those two out for me. I have fixed them! Eb 🙂

  4. Im so happy to read this post because it clarifies so much about writing a great post. The best part is about editing. Especially that part about SPAG. Spelling punctuation and grammar are exactly what do go wrong often.
    And reading aloud actually clears the air a lot. I’ve done it often and noticed the difference from those posts which don’t undergo a loud reading. Its’ a bit laborious though.
    Thanks for the post.

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