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  1. I needed this post, thank you! I have just started out and feel that I am not doing it right because I cannot seem to get traffic to my blog. I know it takes time, but posts on how to be successful in a short time are making me doubt my abilities sometimes. I’ll remember your tips to avoid burnout though! Thanks 🙂

  2. Just read this, thanks. I was listening to an old podcast and realized I’m probably blogging to the wrong audience. And then they mentioned burnout. I sat down and wrote out why I started blogging. Googled burnout. Yay, an article.

    I do a ton of these 22 options listed. Outsourced a bit with my Social Media, and in January I listed possible blog titles on a calendar to stick to. That list changed quite a bit, but it was a starting guide that I still feel was worth doing. I set up a weekly habit tracker to make sure I was writing. I color in the days when I’m successful. I also do research about being an author/blogger/writer (you pick a title) every Sunday. I find keeping on the cutting edge is healthy. Although I’ve gone down a few rabbit holes. And I listen to productive podcasts in my car. I actually have a 5-year plan, 1-year plan, monthly plan, and weekly plan that I am struggling to follow. Struggling in the best sense. I don’t berate myself for messing something up, but I attempt to get the stuff done that I set out to do. I made a pact with my dogs that if they come over to my desk and ask to be petted…I take my hands off the keyboard and pet them (it is that simple). I am currently looking for a VA to take on some of the email stuff. I’m serial writing two novels on Kindle Vella and having a blast doing that. I step outside a couple times a day with the previously mentioned dogs. I think I’m doing well but just needed to check on my burnout meter. Thanks for the handy article.

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