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  1. I can see I’ll be coming back to this post for tips time and time again! I’ve had the Yoast plug in for a while and it is a huge help. I’m in the process of going through all of my old posts and making sure they are green for both readability and SEO. Since I have been doing this I have definitely seen improvements with my blog. I didn’t know about the cornerstone stuff though. I am quite lucky that my husband is quite into the google stuff etc so he does a lot of that for me!x

    1. Aw, thanks Cat! So pleased you found it useful. Oh you are so lucky that your hubby can help you out with this too!! Eb x

  2. Thanks Eb. I knew I’d pick up something from this post. And I did. I’ve never used ‘cornerstone content’ before as I wasn’t exactly sure what it was. Now I do and will go back and review. Do you know if you should only ever have 4-5 posts with this ticked or can you use it for any that are appropriate?

    1. Thanks Choclette! So pleased you found it useful. I think the answer is any that apply, but it is unlikely there would be much more than half a dozen. This is content you will be constantly linking back to in your posts – real cornerstone pieces of your blog, it’s unlikely you’d have lots and lots of pieces of content like that. Eb x

  3. Super helpful and informative Eb! I have just gone and added 3 more variations of my blog’s url to search console as all I had was https one!!! You live and learn, you read your blog and learn too! Another thing is the cornerstone content, I had no idea what it was all about and now I do. THANK YOU! 🙂 x

    1. So pleased you found this helpful. Strange that you can’t add the meta tag. I’ve never had a problem with that before and I’m not sure what that could be – perhaps contact Yoast for help? Eb x

  4. Ok wicked, so Yoast isn’t as scary as I first thought then – hopefully!

    Quick question about the site mapping… Is this something that I shouldn’t worry about until my site is actually live or might as well i do it now? I havn’t read your search console post yet as i was going to leave that until a little later so I don’t have that all set up yet…


    1. Yay! So pleased you are finding less scary than you first thought 😀 Re: sitemaps – DEFINITELY wait until your site is live before submitting one! Eb x

  5. This is great information and maybe you can help me even further. Today my Yoast menu disappeared from WordPress? I used it this morning and now it’s just gone and I’ve googled everything and can’t find an answer. Everything is set up correctly (or so it seems).

    1. So, my best guess is it’s probably nothing to do with Yoast, but rather it’s a plugin conflict, or something similar… In other words another plugin you have on your website is causing problems with Yoast. Have you updated any plugins or added any new plugins lately? If so, that’s the one I’d try first. Deactivate that plugin, clear all your caches and see if the Yoast menu comes back. If not, then you’ll need to do some more thorough work. I recommend following the procedure outlined in this post https://yoast.com/help/how-to-check-for-plugin-conflicts/ If that doesn’t clear up the problem then you could try contacting your host for help. Hope you get it fixed!

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