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  1. Eb,
    Thanks for this, but I am looking for a different answer & haven’t found an answer anywhere. You seem very knowledgeable on Google Calendar issues, so here it goes:
    Is there a hack to display all events, no matter how old, in a Google Calendar search, by default? I want to avoid having to play with the advanced search settings, each & every time I search.
    Currently, when I search for some older events which I know for a fact exist, they are not being displayed in the results, unless I specify a date range in the advanced options. This is very annoying & a waste of time.

    1. Are you talking about the Google Calendar App on your phone? I am afraid I don’t know of any hack that will display older events without also using advanced search. However, if you use the web browser version it shows older events. It doesn’t look as good on a phone but it’s quick to do. Certainly this method goes back 10+ years, probably longer but I’ve only been using Google Calendar for a little over ten years so I can’t test if it goes back further than that. Hope that helps! Eb 🙂

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