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 Ammonium Aluminium Sulphate 

Technical Data Sheet

The specification of Ammonium Aluminium Sulphate as follow:

- Appearance: colorless glassy octahedral crystal to white powder or lump.

-Solubility: Readily soluble in water

-Chemical Formula:AINH4(SO4)2.12H2O

- Form : Dry in form & fairly uniform in size .

CAS : 7784-25-0



Processing of baking powder, fried food, salted jellyfish, vermicelli processing, crispness and color preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables, water purification, disinfection, rubber processing, leather, processing of washing powder, feed processing, pencil production。

Package and storage :

皇马电竞appNet Weight: 25 kg/bag。 50kg/bag。

Guarantee period: two years .

Store in a cool and dry place

99.2 % min
1.2 % max
Water insoluble matter
0.2 % max

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