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 Aluminium Sulphate Non ferric 


Aluminium Sulphate Non Ferric

-Appearance: white flake/granular/powder

-Solubility: 皇马电竞appReadily soluble in water

-Chemical Formula: Al2( SO4 )3

-CAS NO.: 10043-01-3

Application Field:

1) Water effluent treatment system
It's used for purification of drinking water and wastewater treatment by settling of impurities by means of precipitation and flocculation.

2) Paper Industry
It helps in sizing of paper at neutral and alkaline pH, thus improving paper quality (reducing spots and holes and improving sheet formation and strength) and sizing efficiency.

3) Textile Industry
It is used for color fixing in Naphthol based dyes for cotton fabric.

4) Other Uses
Leather tanning, lubricating compositions, fire retardants; decolorizing agent in petroleum, deodorizer; food additive; firming agent; dyeing mordant; foaming agent in firefighting foams; fireproofing cloth; catalyst; pH control; waterproofing concrete; aluminum compounds, zeolites etc.

Packaging and Storage :

Package-50kg Bags /1200kg bags

Storage - The product is liable to absorb moisture and clot due to long-term exposure。

It should be stored in a cool, shady and ventilative warehouse.

≥ 16.5 %
≤ 0.005 %
Water Insoluble
≤ 0.1 %
PH(1% aqueous solution)
≤ 0.0005%
Heavy Metal (Pb)
≤ 0.002 %

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