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The exhibition is held every two years and has been successfully held for seven times。 The 7th Turkey International Chemical Industry Exhibition (TURKCHEM EURASIA 2016) has an exhibition area of ​​25,000 square meters。 369 exhibitors from Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Germany, Britain, India, Malaysia, Italy and other countries and regions participated in the exhibition。 It attracted more than 17,000 professional visitors from 50 countries including Turkey, Dubai, Egypt and Germany。

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Turkey is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It is located at the junction of Europe and Asia. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides. It has a superior geographical position. The west can touch the Balkan Peninsula. The east can radiate the Middle East and Central Asia. The north can connect Ukraine and the former through the Black Sea. In Eastern Europe, South can be connected to North Africa via the Mediterranean Sea. A special geographical location across Europe, Asia and Africa makes Turkey a hub for trade in the region. He joined the WTO in 1995 and joined the European Union in 1996. He has close ties with Europe in political and economic relations and created favorable conditions for other countries' products to enter Europe through Turkey. In 2007, the bilateral trade volume between China and Turkey exceeded 10 billion US dollars, reaching 11.774 billion US dollars; in 2008, China-Turkey bilateral trade volume reached 12.57 billion US dollars. China has become Turkey’s fourth largest trading partner and third largest source of imports.

The Turkish government has formulated a series of preferential policies for attracting foreign investment, and 10 free zones have been established in the country. Goods entering the Free Zone do not have to pay any customs duties, activities in the Free Zone are tax-free, no quota restrictions, and are not subject to permits and regulations. Income generated in the region is exempt from income tax.

The Turkish chemical industry has an annual market value of nearly $8 billion, earning $1。9 billion in foreign exchange for the country。 Turkey has nearly 6,000 chemical companies。 In the past 10 years, the situation of petrochemical products in short supply has increased significantly。 The Turkish chemical industry is plagued by shortage of raw materials, which is costly。 The annual output of domestic polyethylene, polystyrene polystyrene, aromatic hydrocarbons and synthetic rubber is 2。9 million tons, which can only meet the market demand of 25%。 The same type of products offer huge market space。 With an annual output of 8。5 million tons of synthetic fibers, the textile industry is the largest investment industry in the chemical industry and has become the most promising industry。 Turkey is a major producer of chromite ore, mostly for export。 Due to limited domestic oil resources (which can only meet 1/6 demand), the country has to spend a lot of foreign exchange to import oil。 The chemical industry accounts for 7。3% of Turkey's total manufacturing production。 In 2000, Turkey exported chemical products worth US$1。88 billion, mainly in the fossil fuel, oil and plastics industries。 More than 60% of products enter European countries。 With the increasing awareness of environmental protection in Western developed countries, a vibrant Turkey will become an option for them in the future。

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