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  1. Reading this has made me realise just how disorganised I am! I’m one of those people that spends too much time writing blog posts and not working on other elements of my blog. You’ve made me want to sit down and get myself organised now! Thanks 🙂

    1. Aw, I’m sure you are not that disorganised, Cat – you have a lovely blog! But it is true that there is more to blogging than writing posts. And it’s doing all the other stuff that really takes your blog to the next level – good luck with it! Eb x

  2. You are a Queen of organisation Eb and my hat’s off to you lovely lady! At the moment I have quite limited blogging time and basically try and steal moments here and there which tends to be very frustrating and unpredictable too. This should drastically improve as of September when my youngest starts school but I would like to prepare myself for that ahead of time and hopefully with your advice will get there. Social media has always been my least favourite part and although I love the interaction bit, it is sharing your content consistently bit is what I’m not very good at. I have been thinking about getting some sort of scheduler but as procrastinator is my middle name sometimes I haven’t gotten there yet lol. Will definitely look into CoSchedule now you’re recommending it!
    Love the blog, your branding is fantastic and the content is super helpful! I got my free book, signed up for the newsletter and am really looking forward to reading it together with all you posts current and future! 🙂 xx

    1. Aw, thanks so much sweetie! I know what you mean about stealing time. My two are older, but my time is still very disjointed. I hate having to stop work at 3 – I’ve only just got into my flow after lunch! I think it’s terribly unfair – all those years of working in an office, when I’d gladly have left at 3pm…now I’d gladly work until 8!! I would highly recommend Coschedule. It’s not cheap, but it saves me HOURS per week. And I can create more social media content than I ever could before I started using it. I really must write a proper review at some point because it is just the most amazing tool! Eb x

  3. This a lovely post thank you.
    So I’m abt 7 months into blogging kind of fulltiming since April.
    I’ve evolved the way I work.
    Now I have a todo list for each domain of blogging n a schedule for a week.
    So if Monday is Pinterest then I refer to my todo and do only that task.
    Also I keep my phone away.
    Some lists are definitely overwhelming, because I feel I’m lagging behind. And there comes my burnout.
    Will implement the tips you’ve posted as well.

    1. Yay – I am so pleased to have helped! Love your method of focusing on only one area of blogging and ignore all the other to do lists. That’s a great tip! And yes – I couldn’t agree more about having your phone on silent/in another room etc. The constant beeping is such a productivity killer! Eb 🙂

  4. Thank you for posting this schedule – it was extremely helpful to see it at a glance. In it, you showed that you worked on blog 1 & 2 two days a week and the balance was on blog development. Can you describe how you allotted time for things like keyword research, URLs, meta description, and the rest of the checklist items that go with a blog from concept to completion. Would this be part of blog development time ?

    As well, how do you fit in filming and editing for your YouTube videos please ? I’m wondering whether there’s merit to giving us a checklist of things that you do for your blog from concept to completion with an approximate time each item takes.

    I’m a brand new blogger. I have my website set up, a nice healthy list with content ideas but I still feel rather overwhelmed with the things one has to do before publishing a post/uploading a video (not to mention preparing any marketing for social media, etc.). I’m wondering if there are enough hours in the day …..

    Thanks so much, Eb ! I’m so glad I stumbled across your website as I find it so detailed and it has helped a lot !

    1. Hi Christianne! So pleased you found this helpful. And thank you for your kind words about my blog 🙂 Things like keyword research I count as blog development and do this once a quarter, as per this method >>> https://www.productiveblogging.com/keyword-research-step-by-step/ Things like meta descriptions I count as part of creating the blog post. Filming and editing for my YT videos I do instead of a blog post. I can usually get 4 videos filmed and edited in one day as I keep things very simple and my videos are quit short. I love your suggestion for a complete checklist with timings. I will add that to my list of future ideas 😀 There are definitely enough hours in the day to do everything, but I find being organised and not too perfectionist makes all the difference. Hope that helps! Eb 🙂

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